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Wedding Menu

 Whistler Private Chef Prepared Family-Style Meal

Whistler Private Chef-prepared Wedding Menu

Ingredients Sourced Locally

Wedding Table Set

Wedding Menu

Pick Your Choice Style of Menu

Pacific Grill / Choose 2


 Charcoal | brown butter BBQ sauce (price add on per person) 

Smoked Bison Flat Iron 

 Chimmichurri | grass fed brown butter

Grilled brined fraser valley pork chop 

 Yellow deer mustard | apple and honey butter Brined | smoked Farm crest chicken | herb verde | heirloom tomatoes 

Cedar Planked Heirloom Beet Cured Wild BC Salmon  Brown butter and spruce tip hollandaise 

Smoked pacific halibut |

 Lemon thyme butter sauce 

Vegan - Smoked Tempeh Ribs 

 Sweet n sour bbq sauce | scallion 

Recommended Sides / Choose 2 


Smashed Pemberton Potato 

 Creme fraiche | caramelized sweet onion | herbs

Kennebec Frites 

 Rosemary salt | smoked ketchup

Asparagus and Summer Squash 

 Wild herbs | citrus

Salads / Choose 2 

Roasted Pemberton Root Salad 

 Pepper greens | caramelized onion and bacon emulsion | hazelnuts

Pemberton Varietal Beet and Heirloom Carrot Salad 

 Pumpkin seeds | labneh | pickled shallot | apple and champagne emulsion 

Toasted Farro Salad 

 Tenderized kale | red quinoa | cumin and orange vinaigrette | baby spinach

Asian Grill / Choose 2

Grass-Fed Finished Korean Short Ribs

 Galbi | sesame | wild spring onion | kimchi Brandt lake 

Wagyu Striploin 

 Sake and dark soy | black garlic ( Market price applicable )

Sweet and Sour Pasture Raised Ribs 

 Crispy garlic and chili | peanuts 

Sticky Chicken |

 Dried pepper flakes | hoisin | peanut 

Smoked Tandoori Salmon and Prawns |

 Spiced yogurt | mint Miso black cod | grilled scallion | tatsoi | shiso

Nam Jim Grilled Seafood 

 Coriander salad | bean sprouts 

Vegan - Beyond Satay

 Peanut sauce | corriander

Recommended sides / Choose 2

Korean Crispy Rice

Roasted Cauliflower 

 Garam masala | raita | ghee Coconut anise rice | jasmine
Grilled Asian Greens

 Black bean sauce | crispy garlic Caramelized brussel sprouts | chili garlic soy dressing

Salads / Choose 2 


Tomato and Cucumber Salad

 Pickled onions | mint | thai basil | peanuts
Kale and Spinach Gomae 

Cripsy Mushroom Salad 

 Sweet sesame emulsion | grilled asian greens | toasted peanut and sesame
Summer Greens  

 Chili and peanut dressing | mint | avocado | coriander leaves | crispy kale | shies | capsicum
Pemberton Potato Gamja Salad  

 Heirloom carrots | kewpie | pickled cucumber
Asian Slaw  

 Sesame and ginger marinade | lime | cilantro

Mediterranean Grill / Choose 2

Grass-Fed Finished Tenderloin 

 Demi ( Market price applicable )
Grilled Elk Rack 

 Tomato and olive tapenade | maitre d’ beurre ( add price per person ) 

Lamb Kofta  

 Tahini sauce | lemon oil
Farmcrest Confit Chicken  

 Putanesca | pecorino
Za’atar Chicken 

 Roasted garlic sauce
Ras el Hanout Lois Lake Steelhead  

 Saffron hollandaise | citrus oil 

Vegan - Beyond Kofta |

 ‘Tzatziki’ | tahini 



Recommended sides / Choose 2 

Woodland Mushroom Risotto  

 Truffle | reggiano
Gorgonzola Rigatoni  

 Fresh herbs | blistered tomato | spinach Garlic rolled pita | dukka 

halloumi Skewers  

 Summer squash | tomato herb vinaigrette 



Salads / Choose 2 


Grilled caesar salad  

 Radicchio | romaine | parmesan | sourdough croutons | crispy capers 

Heirloom tomato salad  

 Burrata | dukka | toasted hemp seed pesto | baby greens | basil 

Toasted Bulgur Tabouleh  

 Preserved lemon | gem tomato | mint and lemon emulsion | 

Toasted Red Quinoa 

 Crispy walla walla onion | parsley | labneh 

Harissa Roasted Cauliflower Salad  

 Olive dust | crispy chick peas | roasted garlic hummus | arugula | whipped feta

Greek style salad  

 Kalamata | marinated sweet onion | spinach | goats feta | tomato | fire roasted peppers | mustard greens 

Pasta Salad  

 Penne | ricotta | tomato compote | basil pistou | baby pea greens | arugula ( GF option available

*Menu can be adjusted to accommodate all dietary needs and restrictions. 

Dinner Prepared By Our Chefs

Review The Menu

Read the menu carefully, ensuring each meal item is suitable for you and your guests. 

Pick Up or Delivery

As you order, decide if you wish to pick it up at our location, or have it delivered to your door.


Wait for your confirmation online, and you're all set!

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