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Harvest Chef Society
Winter Dinner Menu

 Local Private Chef Prepared Family-Style Meal

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Enjoy the best private chef-prepared dinners in Whistler

Sliced Beef

Winter Dinner Menu

We can customize any menu to cater your preferences

Canapes/Starters - Choose 2

Pork Belly Carnita 

 Charred corn taco | pickled onions | avocado

Confit cod Okonomiyaki

 Potato | kewpie | bonito | green onions

Sous Vide and Blackened Octopus 

 Garlic confit | fresh oregano | escabeche | charred orange | sherry glazed pancetta.

Apple Cured Oysters 

 Star anise | creme fraiche | apple butter

Smoked Candied Salmon

 Maple butter | labneh | brioche

Smoked Duck Korokke 

 Pickled cherry gelee

Crispy Chicken Drummettes

 Sweet and spicy gochujang | chive aioli

Southern Fried Chicken

 Spicy dill pickle | charcoal mayo | wild honey

Smoked Pan Roasted Scallop

 Pickled onion | squash veloute | candied bacon (add $5.00) Raw

Hiro Farms Wagyu Tartar

 Cured egg yolk | truffle sabayon | sourdough crostini (add $5.00)


 Cured Ahi tuna | pickled veg | panko | kewpie

Chili and Citrus Cured Ahi

 Romesco | dried olive | chili oil | charred citrus | brew creek farms micro greens (add $7.50)


Wild Mushroom Bao Bun

 Pickled veg | chili aioli

Beet Falafel

 ‘Tzatziki’ | tahini (V)

Peanut Crusted Cauliflower 

 Toasted pepper ‘ranch’ (V)

Soup or Salad - Choose 1

Winter Squash

 Cinnamon labneh | charred orange | toasted coconut | maple walnut crumb

Charred Cauliflower and Brie

 Crispy spiced chickpeas | dukka

French Onion Soup

 Thyme sourdough croutons | emmenthal | gruyere

Traditional Pho

 Sweet basil | cilantro | bird eye chilli | bean sprouts

Smoked Ling Cod 

 Crab bisque | miso broth | fennel creme

Cultivated Mushroom Veloute

 Black truffle | Avalon Farms cream | caramelized potato

Leek and Caramelized Potato Fondue

 Nduja | focaccia

Salad / shared

Roasted Beet 

 Heirloom carrot | candied walnuts | spiced labneh | dried apple | smoked salt | apple emulsion

Charred Cauliflower 

 Mustard greens | brown butter sabayon | pickled grape | charred cauliflower leaves | marinated winter greens

Grilled Romaine and Brussel Sprout Caesar 

 Brown butter sourdough | crispy capers | reggiano | pancetta

Crispy Winter Greens 

 Local cultivated mushrooms | thai basil | mint | corriander leaves | spicy peanut dressing | chili | radish

Mains - Choose 1

Hiro Farms Wagyu Striploin

 Black garlic demi | scallop potatoes | brown butter béchamel | Root down farms seasonal vegetables | gremolatta

(market pricing applicable)

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs

 Rosemary demi | creamy brown butter polenta | crispy herbs | Root down farms seasonal veg | gremolatta

Venison Bourgignon

 Red wine pearl onions | farmed mushrooms | heirloom roots | robuchon potato | bannock

Bison Lasagna

 Brown butter bechamel | herb ricotta | mozzarella | gremolatta | brocolette

Crispy Pork Belly 

 Winter Squash Puree | maple glazed pork lardons | ambrosia vinaigrette | charred cabbage salad | heirloom carrot | 

brussel sprouts

Dukka Roasted Chicken Roulade

 Dates | roasted garlic | labneh | jus lie | crispy onion | heirloom beets | squash puree

Pan Roasted Kuterra Salmon

 Brown butter maltaise | fondant | hazelnut | charred carrots | onion petal | crispy garlic

Confit Duck

 Black garlic miso gastric | celeriac puree | sherry braised oyster mushrooms | charred brew creek greens | charred red cabbage

Seafood Gnocchi

 Octopus | pacific mussels | nduja | ras el hanout | shallot | rapini | confit tomato



Smoked Cauliflower ‘Steak’ 

 Hazelnut dukka | winter squash puree | ambrosia vinaigrette | charred cabbage salad | heirloom carrot

BC Cultivated Mushroom 

 Fried gnocchi | crispy garlic | toasted hemp seed pesto | arugula | tomato confit

Vegan Lasagna 

 Seasonal vegetable | herb ‘ricotta’

Dessert - Choose 1

Flourless Chocolate Cake

 Ganache | gelato | dulce de leech | berry crumb

S’more Tart 

 Toasted Italian meringue | chocolate mousse | graham crumb

Bourbon Poached Pear and Apple 

 Crispy granola | maple brown butter toffee | vanilla mascarpone gelato

Basque Cheesecake 

 Spiced pear | hazelnut sponge

White Chocolate Brûlée 

 Almond tuille | cranberry


 Peppermint creme | salted dark chocolate | honeycomb

Crispy Rice Square 

 Cardamom | pistachio | white ganache | smoked chocolate

Pricing Guide

4 – 5 ppl 175.00 per person

6 - 7 ppl $160.00 per person | Includes server

8 – 9 ppl $150.00 per person | Includes server

10 - 11ppl $135.00 per person | Includes server

12 and up contact us for pricing and menu options


We can also pair wine with your menu contact for pricing

*applicable taxes will apply

Dinner Prepared By Our Chefs

Review The Menu

Read the menu carefully, ensuring each meal item is suitable for you and your guests. 

Pick Up or Delivery

As you order, decide if you wish to pick it up at our location, or have it delivered to your door.


Wait for your confirmation online, and you're all set!

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